Comprised of Maxell, Ltd., Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Technicolor S.A. (formerly known as Thomson) and Toshiba Corporation, the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Founders have joined together to define a next-generation digital interface specification for consumer electronics products. The HDMI Specification is also supported by major motion picture producers, as well as satellite and cable companies.

Adopted by over 1,600 of the largest and most innovative consumer electronics and PC manufacturers worldwide, the HDMI Specification combines uncompressed high-definition video, multi-channel audio, and data in a single digital interface to provide crystal-clear digital quality over a single cable. With over 4B HDMI-enabled devices having shipped since 2003, HDMI technology has extended into an increasingly wide array of devices, applications, and industries, including cell phones, tablets, automobiles and commercial applications such digital signage and airport installations.

HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. is the licensing agent responsible for administering the licensing of the HDMI Specification, promoting HDMI technology and providing education on the benefits of the HDMI interface to retailers and consumers.