Whether it’s pulling cable for a home theater or hanging twenty TVs in a sports bar, the professional AV installer is often on the leading edge of HDMI implementation, and is frequently the first person a customer may turn to with questions or issues.

HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. is committed to supporting the installer community with the most current technical updates, practical tips, and pre-sales information available. Our goal is to create a forum where best practices can be shared, and where installers can let us know about any potential HDMI connectivity issues they may have encountered in the field.

"HDMI 101"—An Introduction to the HDMI standard

This concise, self-running presentation will give you a broad overview of the benefits of HDMI connectivity, as well as an introduction to the new capabilities included in the HDMI Specification Version 1.4a

Some documents on our website were published by HDMI Licensing, LLC, and those are now assigned to our new entity HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.

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