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Becoming an Adopter

How to License HDMI 2.1 and later specifications

You must be an HDMI adopter in order to license HDMI 2.1 and later specifications. Existing adopters must e-sign an addendum to the Adopter Agreement Click here. If you are interested in becoming an adopter, please complete the form below Click here.

Adopter Orientation Training

Designed for both new and existing HDMI Adopters, these video presentations cover the major aspects of becoming an Adopter, keeping up with program requirements, and taking advantage of the unique resources available only to Adopters.

» Becoming an HDMI Adopter (05:04)
» The HDMI Adopter Agreement (05:11)
» Fees and Royalties (04:07)
» Compliance Testing (05:10)
» Introduction to Logo and Trademark Usage (04:48)
» Logo and Trademark Guidelines for Cables (04:05)
» The Approved Connectors List (02:20)
» The HDMI Adopter Extranet (03:17)

Video Sample Image

As the undisputed standard for connecting consumer electronic devices, the HDMI standard is uniquely positioned to enable new consumer experiences and continues to evolve ahead of the market.

Becoming an HDMI adopter is your opportunity to join over 1800 of the world’s largest consumer electronics and PC manufacturers who have successfully created and sold millions of consumer products worldwide. Please review our List of Current Adopters.

Become an HDMI Adopter—Sign Up Here

  1. Upon completion for the registration form, we will confirm your contact information and send you a link to review the Adopter Agreement.
  2. Please read thru the Adopter Agreement as needed and pass it on to the appropriate management or legal representative for their review.
  3. Please note the Adopter Agreement must be completed in English.
  4. When your management is ready to sign and finalize the Adopter Agreement, please contact Kati Selan at
  5. You will be sent the Adopter Agreement thru DocuSign for electronic signature.
  6. Please fill out the digital Adopter Agreement form and e-Sign it.
  7. We will get back to you in 24 hours with the e-Signed Adopter Agreement.

Upon receipt of both the Adopter and initial Licensing fees, your Adopter membership will be activated and you will be given access to the Adopter Extranet.

If you have any additional questions about the benefits of becoming an HDMI Adopter, please email

An HDMI product that consists entirely of licensed components does not necessarily mean the final product is a licensed product READ MORE>

Some documents on our website were published by HDMI Licensing, LLC, and those are now assigned to our new entity HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.

Notice to HDMI Adopter Applicants Regarding Pending Enforcement Actions

It is the policy of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc., to place a hold on all registrations in cases where there are pending enforcement activities involving the applicant and/or affiliates of the applicant. These include, but are not limited to, cases involving domestic and foreign customs and border protection agencies. Please be advised that in these cases, the registration process may be prolonged and/or denied.

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HDMI 2.1

    HDMI 2.x addendum to the Adopter Agreement.

Licensing Option

Please select which HDMI Adopter agreement is appropriate for your company.

Manufacturers of End Products that will include HDMI:

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