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How to License HDMI 2.1

You must be an HDMI adopter in order to license HDMI 2.1. Existing adopters must e-sign an addendum to the Adopter Agreement Click here. If you are interested in becoming an adopter, please complete the form below Click here.

Adopter Orientation Training

Designed for both new and existing HDMI Adopters, these video presentations cover the major aspects of becoming an Adopter, keeping up with program requirements, and taking advantage of the unique resources available only to Adopters.

» Becoming an HDMI Adopter (05:04)
» The HDMI Adopter Agreement (05:11)
» Fees and Royalties (04:07)
» Compliance Testing (05:10)
» Introduction to Logo and Trademark Usage (04:48)
» Logo and Trademark Guidelines for Cables (04:05)
» The Approved Connectors List (02:20)
» The HDMI Adopter Extranet (03:17)

Video Sample Image

HDMI标准是消费性电子产品连接介面无可争议的标准, 它具有独特的优势可带领新的消费体验;并不断发展领先於市场.

成为HDMI采纳者,您有机会加入超过1000个世界上最大的消费电子产品与个人电脑制造商;他们已经成功地创建并在全球售出数以百万计的消费电子产品。 详情请见我们 现有的采纳者名单.

想要成为HDMI采纳者- 请于此註册.

  1. Upon completion for the registration form, we will confirm your contact information and send you a link to review the Adopter Agreement.
  2. Please read thru the Adopter Agreement as needed and pass it on to the appropriate management or legal representative for their review.
  3. Please note the Adopter Agreement must be completed in English.
  4. When your management is ready to sign and finalize the Adopter Agreement, please contact Kati Selan at
    当贵公司准备签署采纳者协议时,请联系Kati Selan
  5. You will be sent the Adopter Agreement thru DocuSign for electronic signature.
  6. Please fill out the digital Adopter Agreement form and e-Sign it.
  7. We will get back to you in 24 hours with the e-Signed Adopter Agreement.

Upon receipt of both the Adopter and initial Licensing fees, your Adopter membership will be activated and you will be given access to the Adopter Extranet.

HDMI授权许可管理公司在收到双方电子签署的采纳者协议以及初始年费缴费后,将激活采纳者授权状态并授予访问Adopter Extranet的权限。

If you have any additional questions about the benefits of becoming an HDMI Adopter, please email


04/30/2012--澄清说明: HDMI® 认证商品定义
一个HDMI商品完全用认证的零件组成,并不代表其最终产品是经过认证的产品。 阅读更多>


根据HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.的政策,若其申請人或申請人附屬公司仍有法律案件在處理中,其申请将会被搁置。

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HDMI 2.1

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