Additional Color Spaces

While RGB is still the dominant color space in most video applications, other color models are gaining popularity, particularly in digital still photography. Version 1.4 of the HDMI specification adds support for three additional color spaces (also known as color gamuts), enabling manufacturers to deliver better and more accurate color to users when they view their digital photos on an HDTV. In addition to RGB color and x.v.Color, the HDMI standard now offers native support for three additional color spaces:

  • sYCC601 color
  • Adobe RGB color
  • Adobe YCC601 color

Like x.v.Color, each of these color spaces defines a palette of available colors that is larger than the traditional RGB color model, and closer to the full range of colors perceptible to the human eye.

How to Ensure Extended Color Support in your Home Theater System

  • Look for devices that feature support for these additional color spaces.
  • All HDMI cables will support this functionality when connected to compliant devices. You can use your existing HDMI cables or choose a different cable type. (more)