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FAQ for Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program

What is the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program?

The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program is a new program that encompasses additional and enhanced cable testing as well as a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label program.

The program is designed to give consumers peace-of-mind when purchasing new HDMI cables for their 4K/UltraHD products that may include features such as 4K/60, BT.2020 and HDR. Participating HDMI Adopters can promote their ATC-tested High Speed HDMI Cables as Premium High Speed HDMI Cables or Premium High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet using a unique anti-counterfeiting label on their products. 

How do I know if an HDMI cable has been certified under the Premium HDMI Cable Program?

sample label

Premium High Speed HDMI Cables and Premium High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet will carry a special anti-counterfeit label to differentiate them from other HDMI cables. Additionally, consumers can use the HDMI mobile verification app available for download from various app stores to scan the labels. Only the special HDMI smartphone app will be able to read both the QR code and special holographic fingerprint via its 2-level authentication scan. A QR code by itself cannot be authenticated and is easily created and used for counterfeiting, so only the QR code plus unique holographic fingerprint can be verified and authenticated.

Are there different versions of the anti-counterfeiting label?

No. The Premium HDMI Cable labels are strictly controlled at every point of in the distribution chain, and available only to Participating HDMI Adopters whose cables have been certified by an HDMI ATC, with results then confirmed by HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc..

Who can participate?

The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program is open to all HDMI Adopters.

What are the components of the program?

The program includes:
Premium HDMI Cable Specification
Premium HDMI Cable Design Note
Access to participating HDMI ATCs
Premium HDMI Cable Program Online Tools
Anti-counterfeit labels for promotional purposes
Consumer-facing mobile verification app available for iOS and Android users

In contrast, many of the other programs do not have access to the HDMI specification or HDMI ATCs, and are based on third-party specifications and/or off-the-shelf test equipment that do not include the new tests defined in the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program.

When can I buy Premium High Speed HDMI Cable and Premium High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet?

Cables are available in the market now and are continuing to launch in retail, e-tail, and direct from manufacturer websites.

Will Premium High Speed HDMI Cables be more expensive than High Speed HDMI Cables?

Not necessarily. However, specific cable pricing is determined by each Participant.

Where can a see a list of participating Adopters?

Please visit

Where can I find a list of Premium HDMI Certified Cables?

The website can only list HDMI Adopters. Many of the cable brands you see on packaging are not Adopters themselves and therefore we cannot list those brands and model numbers, even though the cable brands are supplied by authentic Premium HDMI cables from authorized Adopters.

Don’t all current High Speed HDMI Cables work at 18Gbps?

Although current High Speed HDMI cables are designed to handle the increased bandwidth of 4K@60 video streams, we see a need for additional testing to ensure consistent performance at the higher speeds. We also foresee how higher bandwidth can result in increased EMI emissions, which can cause interference with wireless signals in home theater devices. This new program provides both testing and labeling to address both these issues for the manufacturer and the end user.

The scan result shows that this is a demonstration/marketing label. What does the mean?

Demonstration labels used for marketing purposes only and should never be affixed to a Premium HDMI Cable product. In this case, the HDMI cable is suspect, and potentially made by an unlicensed manufacturer. Do not purchase the cable, and alert your retailer or e-tailer immediately. We also recommend contacting to report the details.

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