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Quantum Data Inc.


Quantum Data™ has released a new model 804A Video Test Generator running at HDMI® 1.4a pixel rates up to 297MHz to support testing HDTVs and other displays with 4K by 2K resolutions at 30Hz. The rack mountable 804A is optimized for testing the latest displays. It features four (4) HDMI 297MHz outputs—all active simultaneously—for testing HDTVs with multiple HDMI inputs. The 804A can output component analog and composite analog as well. Switching between video timings and images is fast; less than 100ms. The 804A is equipped with all the standard video timings and test patterns—including support for 3D—necessary for testing HDTVs including tests for HDMI protocols such as HDCP, EDID and CEC.


Quantum Data™ has released a new HDMI® Rx module for its 980 Protocol Analyzer operating at the HDMI 1.4a speeds of 297MHz. The 980 Protocol Analyzer captures and decodes encrypted or unencrypted video, protocol data and DDC transactions. Unlike competing analyzers for HDMI protocol testing, the 980 captures all data islands and control events with precise timestamps even when packets are transmitted in rapid succession. It is an ideal solution for pre-testing or self testing source products for HDMI compliance. The new module’s support for 297MHz also extends the reach of the 980’s HDMI source compliance test suite to include the 4K x 2K Video Format Timing Test ID 7-39. Developers of HDMI sink devices have also found the 980 Protocol Analyzer to be a valuable tool for gaining insights into how source devices transmit protocol, audio and control data over an HDMI link.