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Bangalore, India – June 12, 2008 - Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) today announced the inauguration of India’s first High Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI™) Authorized Testing Center (ATC) laboratory in its Bangalore based Philips Innovation Campus. The test centre will facilitate HDMI compliance testing services as per HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) 1.3b to companies globally. The center is Philips’ only HDMI ATC globally and the 8th HDMI ATC to be opened worldwide.

Philips has increased the global testing capacity for HDMI compliant solutions with the inaugural of this testing facility in India. This facility will help both manufacturers and consumers alike by meeting market demand for HDMI technology adhered to compliance and drive interoperability with other HDMI devices.

“HDMI is poised to play a bigger role in the availability and consumption of high-definition digital media and this ATC will be catalytic in speeding the time-to-market of HDMI compliant products. Manufacturers will benefit because their products will have passed stringent set of compliance tests, designed to help them in improving compliance of HDMI products and speed up the product release. Consumers will be the direct beneficiary of this test facility because HDMI compliance testing promotes interoperability and helps to ensure that purchased entertainment solutions with HDMI will work together efficiently,” said Mr. Jelle Rieske, Senior Director, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Innovation Campus.

Added Mr. S. Nataraj Kumar, Manager, HDMI ATC, Philips Innovation Campus, “Philips, a founding member of the HDMI consortium, has already demonstrated its commitment to HDMI technology by introducing a complete range of HDMI compliant next-generation audio video products like TVs, DVDRs and Home Theatre Systems. This test centre is another example of Philips’ commitment to HDMI which has become the de facto standard for connecting consumer electronic devices.”

“With our existing competencies on HDMI Interoperability and HDMI CEC testing, setting up of the HDMI ATC lab is an indication of our growing commitment towards increasing the Innovation base at Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore,” said Mr. Alexius Collette, CEO, Philips Innovation Campus.

"We are pleased that Philips has decided to offer HDMI compliance testing services to the India region," says Steve Venuti, President of HDMI Licensing, LLC. "As the HDMI standard continues to grow globally, we are seeing greater demand for testing centers in every region of the world."

With over 800 companies adopting HDMI as a standard for their products globally, the market holds huge potential for the technology standard. Globally, over 200 million devices featuring HDMI are expected to ship in 2008, with an installed base of nearly one billion HDMI devices by 2010 (In-Stat).

Philips ATC is equipped to perform all of the testing as mandated in HDMI CTS1.3b, including High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Compliance testing and HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) testing. The HDMI consortium mandates that a product should pass compliance testing at an ATC before it can bear the logo of HDMI and claim conformance to the HDMI specification.

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Philips Innovation Campus (PIC)
Philips Innovation Campus (PIC), Bangalore is a division of Philips Electronics India Limited, which is owned 96% by Royal Philips Electronics N.V., The Netherlands. It was established in August 1996, with the objective of meeting the growing need for high-quality, cost-effective software development capacity within the organization. From a share of 8% of the total software resource of Philips in 1998, PIC’s share has gone up significantly and is now around 20%.

Working at PIC are about 1000 of the industry's finest professionals, using state-of-the-art software engineering paradigms and platforms including real-time systems, component-based software engineering and multi-threaded architecture to drive the creation of tomorrow's products and services. PIC is an ISO 9001/TickIT, SEI CMM Level 5 organization and has emerged as a critical partner in the development of strategic and futuristic technologies for Philips worldwide. PIC has built-up extensive know-how and expertise in the software engineering and technology domains relevant to its business. Its software expertise is primarily in the areas of embedded and information system engineering, architecture design, programming and testing. In addition, competencies in the areas of project management, requirement engineering and quality assurance have been established to offer customers products and services of the highest quality, at the fastest time-to-market and the lowest cost of ownership.

Comprised of Hitachi, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), Royal Philips Electronics, Silicon Image, Sony Corporation, Thomson and Toshiba Corporation, the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) founders have joined together to define a next-generation digital interface specification for consumer electronics products. HDMI is also supported by major motion picture producers, as well as satellite and cable companies.
HDMI Licensing, LLC is the licensing agent responsible for administering the licensing of the HDMI Specification, promoting the HDMI standard and providing education on the benefits of HDMI to retailers and consumers.
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About DCP, LLC
Digital Content Protection LLC (DCP) is an organization that licenses technologies for protecting premium commercial entertainment content. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a specification developed by Intel Corporation to protect digital entertainment content across the DVI/HDMI interface. The HDCP specification provides a robust, cost-effective and transparent method for transmitting and receiving digital entertainment content to DVI/HDMI-compliant digital displays.
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